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About Us  OUR HISTORY AND BUSINESS  At Dixie Battery Supply we strive to meet our customerís needs by providing the highest level of customer service and support. We stand behind our products and work with you to meet all of your battery demands.  Dixie Battery Supply sells quality, name brand batteries wholesale to outlets throughout the state of Alabama. Commercial delivery is available, as is assistance on any battery requirement. As a special feature of Dixie Battery Supply, we offer the best prices on junk batteries and/or will dispose of your old battery in accordance with environmental regulations.  SELL US YOUR JUNK BATTERIES Both of our locations in Tuscaloosa and Northport purchase junk batteries on a daily basis. At any point during our opening hours, you can bring any amount of junk batteries to either location to receive cash for them. There is not a size of a battery that we will not take, however, the size, weight, and unit category plays a roll in how much we will pay for your batteries, but you will not be disappointed. We buy over 100 batteries a day and have been buying them ever since we opened operations in 1998.   If you are a main distributor and have a large amount of junk batteries, please                                or give us a call. We are willing to work with you on a price per lb. opportunity.    WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC At Dixie Battery Supply, we implement our wholesale policy not only to Auto Parts stores across the State, but also to each individual that comes in our door. We are competitive with every dealer while ensuring you get the best quality battery at the equivalent price. You can find a list of all of our brands on our products page, or give us a call in order to receive assistance. HOME HOME ABOUT US ABOUT US BATTERY BRANDS ACCESSORIES LOCATIONS CONTACT FIND A BATTERY BATTERY BRANDS ACCESSORIES LOCATIONS CONTACT FIND A BATTERY PRODUCTS PRODUCTS DBS DIXIE BATTERY SUPPLY INC.